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片名: 风花雪月
其它片名: /wind flower snow moon
导演: 阳建军
制片人: 张献民
摄影: 阳建军
剪辑: 阳建军, 吴建国
主演: 阳廷兴, 阳运志, 阳建华
片长: 100分钟
年份: 2008年
类型: 纪录片
国别: 中国
语言: 四川方言
格式: HDV
制作机构: 影弟电影工作室, 第七封印电影作业坊

影片概述 . . . . . .

There is a small village in the northwest of Sichuan province. Mr. Yang, the ninety years old grandfather, is the ninth generation successor of Yang's geomantic family. The men in this family have almost carried on the geomantic craft. They mainly preside over funerals for the villagers. The documentary focuses on this family, recording several deaths: the Chinese-type tragedy of “the young perish, and the old linger”; the sons and daughters who wrangled over the funeral expenses with each other; an affectionate couple who died one after another. Meanwhile, in Yang's family, Mr. Yang celebrated the birth of his two great-grandchildren and at the same time had to bury his son, who died of cancer. The name of the film, Wind Flower Snow Moon, is actually the name of the coronach that the geomancers sing when they worship Buddha in the funeral. In the year of 2008, which is attacked successively by severe snowstorm and earthquake, the family had to suffer Eight Pains defined by Buddha, namely, Birth, Caducity, Illness, Death, Departure with the Beloved, Encounter with the Hated, Dissatisfactory and Rampancy of Five Yins.

导演阐述 . . . . . .


Director’s Statement:
The documentary is about the birth, caducity, illness and death happening in my family. It is but a home video. If there is something beyond home video, it is perhaps because of the common sense in humanity.
If I failed to enter university, I would naturally carry on my grandfather's craft and become a geomancer who help people determine the location of a house or tomb that is believed to have an influence on the fortune of a family, select auspicious days, preside over a funeral, subdue demons and monsters. Although I was born in this family, the geomancy which is mysterious to others has never been mysterious to me, and also I have never considered that my family is engaged in the feudal and superstitious activities. I have always feared carrying on my grandfather's craft because it means that I have to deal with various deaths.
The documentary has shot a number of deaths. However, what I particularly concerned about is not death. These deaths reflect the Chinese people's attitude towards life.
I hope that the scene language and the film structure can express the relationship in my family which I experienced.
People are wishing what they left is lovely impressions and I, as well, without exceptions. However, if there was a completely objective documentation, it must be immoral.

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