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片名: 我和你
其它片名: /You And Me
导演: 魏阿挺
制片人: 刘莹
摄影: 孙悦凌, 魏阿挺
声音: 楚林
剪辑: 陈彦茹
主演: 新加坡南洋小学的小学生, 高家沟村的小朋友
音乐: 秦天
片长: 90分钟
年份: 2009年
类型: 记录
国别: 新加坡
语言: 国语

影片概述 . . . . . .


A group of privileged Singaporean kids are going through a life-changing experience in a small poor village of a remote part of China.
This moving documentary captures intimates moments often seems meaningless in the eyes of adults.
A bond between the children from two worlds were built upon these moments, and true friendship rose from inevitable conflicts and cultural shocks…

导演阐述 . . . . . .

拍摄前,我们怀着许多好奇和期待,不知这些生活在截然不同两个世界的孩子,相遇之后会发生些什么故事。我们曾经设想过不少情况,想像这些过惯了好日子的新加坡孩子到了偏远的中国乡村一定会很不适应,甚至会有孩子吃不惯那里的粗粮,睡不惯那里的火炕,哭着闹着要回家…… 但我们期待的戏剧性的场面并没有发生, 孩子们的适应能力超出了我们的想像,在短短的几天中,他们用自己的方式去感受,去交流,从最初的一丝陌生,到逐渐习惯,尽情玩耍,彼此做朋友! 我们甚至担心这么和谐的场面能拍出好看的片子吗?但静下心来却发现,真正耐人寻味的有意思的交融恰恰都在那些看似微不足道的细节里面,正是这些微不足道的细节编织出了整个影片。拍摄时我们没有采用画外音解说词,不做采访,真实地跟踪拍摄,并尽量把摄影机放低,使我们能贴近孩子们的世界。这个世界是我们这些大人经历过的世界,又是我们久违了的世界,这个世界很简单,简单得如水一般的清澈,喜怒哀乐的情感是心灵的最初记忆…..

Director’s Statement:
the teachers guide 10 children of Singapore Nanyang Primary School ,go to Gao Jia Gou Village Kangbao County, Hebei Province, China,they will live in the home of local villagers and live with the village children for a week, Our task is use the video camera to witness the journey. We with many curiosity and hope, we do not know that these children live in two totally different worlds, the story of what will happen after they meet. We have envisaged a number of cases, think of these Singapore children have been used to the good life will can not adapt in remote village of China, even some children can not eat used to the coarse grains, can not sleep used to heated Kang, crying and want to go home ... ... However, we look forward to the scenes of the dramatic did not happen, children's ability to adapt beyond our imagination, In just a few days, they used to their own way to feel and communicate, From the original strangeness to getting habit, enjoy playing and make friends with each other! We do not even worry about such a harmonious scene of the film can make good film? But later found that the real interesting blend of intriguing precisely in those seemingly insignificant details,  
these little details make throughout the film., we did not use voice-over commentaries when shoot, not interviewed, real track shoot, and try to put video camera down, so that we can close the world of children, this world is experienced world of us, this is a simple world, limpidity like water, affection of argue, amuse, outrage, argue is heart of the initial memory.

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璇欣羲中国独立影像年度展 看过
评分: 8分 年月:2009.12
评注: 影片颜色和镜头都很到位,孩子间友谊的传达也到位了。
孤岛北京独立电影展 看过
评分: 7分 年月:2009.09
评注: 很工整,嗯,就是很工整......

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