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Encounters at the End of the World

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片名: Encounters at the End of the World
导演: Werner Herzog
制片人: Phil Fairclough, Andrea Meditch, Erik Nelson, Dave Harding, Julian Hobbs, Henry Kaiser
摄影: Peter Zeitlinger
声音: Werner Herzog
剪辑: Joe Bini
主演: Werner Herzog, Ryan Andrew Evans
音乐: Henry Kaiser, David Lindley
片长: 99分钟
国别: 美国
语言: 英语
制作机构: Discovery Films

影片概述 . . . . . .

Encounters is an almost straight forward account of Werner Herzog going to Antarctica.Invited to go by one of the scientific organizations he agreed to go because he was fascinated by life under the sea ice (see his Wild Blue Yonder which used footage from under the ice to represent an alien world) and wanted to have a chance to film life there. He also warned them it would not result in film about fluffy penguins.

This is not Shackleton's Antarctica. The main US base is more like a mining colony anywhere on the fringes of civilization then what you think of when you think Antarctica. Its strangely modern and looks to be almost anywhere people mine. Indeed there is an odd shot of the modern camp with Scott's hut in the distance that signals how times have changed.

Herzog's film is really about some of the wayward travelers who have reached the frontier. Herzog is curious what sort of people they are and finds them to be a rather philosophical lot. They are what you would consider explorers of the 18th or 19th century looking for something greater then themselves. As one guy says "Where else do you find guys with Phds doing the dishes, or linguists on the one place on earth where there is no native language." Its an amusing portrait of people I think many of us would like to be.

We also get a portrait of what life is like there. Of the eternal sun (which annoys Herzog)Of the drabness of the living quarters (motel like)mixed with individual expression. We see the survival training, the various scientific studies going on (including one about penguins which cause Herzog to ponder if they go mad). and we see the landscape both above and below the ice on land and in the sea. These portraits of the land and seascapes are stunning. Herzog's ability to mix music and image creates some hypnotic passages that in part reminded me Koyaanisqatsi or Luc Besson's Atlantis. Its magical and creates sequences that you hate to see end.

If there is any flaw is that the film kind of just ends. There is a wonderful final quote by Alan Watts, but the film ultimately feels like a philosophical travelogue about a summer vacation instead of something grander then what I saw on my vacation. I'm sure had it not been Werner Herzog behind the camera I would not have been disappointed.

Still you must see the film on a big screen if you can. Its really beautiful at times. It will enlighten and inspire you- much more than this review will. And even though this is a Discovery Channel film, I'm glad I saw it where I did because there is something about the end credits with the seal songs echoing all thorough the theater from front to back that you can't get at home. The long confines of the Film Forum in New York really allows for the magic of a sound scape.

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  如果说现在拍电影的人当中还存在一个传奇的话,那么它就是Herzog。Werner Herzog是谁,三言两语恐怕难以说得清楚,唯一可以确定的是,他是电影史上独一无二的人物。他电影里面的人物那疯狂的气质,挑战自然极限的梦幻和神话,还有失败,无不让人无比迷醉。
  电影的名字叫做Encounter at the end of world,在我的理解里面,这个End指的是空间也是时间。空间比较好说,世界的尽头,就是那种“到此为止”的那种幻灭感十足的广阔浩淼的白茫茫荒原。迷路的企鹅死不悔改地往着三千公里以外的海洋进发。时间的尽头在Herzog电影里面那种末世气息的弥漫,在南极洲的极端昼夜里面,在对inconvienient truth的悲观态度里面。简直迷人到死。
  开场的时候Herzog已经说not another penguin movie,和帝企鹅日记这种纪录片大异其趣的是,Herzog从来不会去人性化那些可爱的动物。而且他更关注的永远是人,还是人。正如开头时那个开吊车的前哲学家所说的"people here are professional dreamers
  ,they do nothing but dream all the time"各种出位奇人云集,包括练过缩骨功在卡车尾箱穿越非洲大陆的研究员,rock到爆的生物学家,他们都拥有着自己最为独特的气质,大概是地球上最最非凡的人群。

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